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Submitting Applications Submitting Applications

Submitting Applications


Proposal Requirements/Attachments

Stevens Square Foundation only accepts proposals submitted via its online application system. 

If you have problems with the online application system, please contact us at 612-825-1368.

To apply:  Click Here

Overview of Proposal Requirements

  1. Senior Service Statistics of your organization and the project, including information about the socio-economic, ethnic, and racial demographic of your senior service population 
  2. Program/Project Description
  3. Community Need/Community Challenge your proposal addresses
  4. Goals and Objectives
  5. Stakeholer Engagement: Who are the stakeholders most involved and affected by the program/project, and how will you engage with them?
  6. Program Timeframe
  7. Evaluation: How will you measure the progress of your work?
  8. Plan for Sustainability after grant funding ends
  9. Project Alignment with Organization Mission
  10. Key Staff
  11. Partnerships with other entities in the aging services field

Attachments to be Uploaded 

Current Organization Budget approved by your Board of Directors 

Project/Program Budget (not applicable if requesting general operating support) 

Project/Program Funders (Additional Funders): List the names of corporations, government entities, major individual donors, and/or foundations from which you are requesting funds for this project, with dollar amounts. Indicate which sources are committed or pending. Please also provide this information for the most recently completed year.

Board Members: List names, terms, and affiliations

Year-End Financial Statements:  Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for most recently completed year.

Financial Audit (if applicable)

IRS Form 990

IRS Determination Letter:  Your organization’s IRS determination letter indicating tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status.