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Grant Guidelines and Funding Parameters

Grant Guidelines and Funding Parameters


Funding Guidelines 2020-2024

For 2020 through 2024, Stevens Square Foundation will continue to focus its granting on programs in the 7-county metro area — Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington.  These services must be targeted at seniors who are financially vulnerable and have other demonstrable needs. (Grants typically range from $10,000 to $30,000.)

We support two types of programs:

I. EXISTING PROGRAMS THAT ENABLE SENIORS TO REMAIN IN THEIR HOMES (homes may include a variety of living arrangements, but not long-term care facilities, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities)


  • Planning: to develop innovative (new) projects or programs that improve the lives of older adults
  • Implementation: to pilot or to carry out innovative new programs and projects or substantially expand existing programs that significantly improve the lives of older adults

Priority will be given to programs that address the following

  • Target access to services for:
    • Underserved groups (e.g., Immigrant, ethnically and/or racially diverse seniors and LGBTQ seniors)
    • Persons who have weak or non-existent personal support networks (whether due to mental illness, dementia, loss of age peers, etc.)
  • Provide core community-based services: Caregiver Support, Care Coordination (service navigation), Chore/Homemaker (including minor home repair and modification), Social/Emotional Support (social engagement), and Transportation (when integrated with other services)
  • Provide evidence of maximizing the use of volunteers and other local community resources (including for fundraising)
  • Provide evidence, where possible, of initiating client fees from those financially able to pay (whether fee-for-service models, sliding scale fees, or other strategies)
  • Provide evidence of coordination and collaboration with other support agencies in the community

Not eligible for funding: Stevens Square Foundation does not fund the delivery of direct medical and psychological services to individuals and/or other services that are also covered through individual payments by Medicaid or Medicare. The Foundation does not fund services provided to individuals living in long-term care facilities. We also do not fund individuals, capital projects or campaigns, endowments, or major building construction. 

The Foundation accepts applications for one year of funding. It is possible for organizations to apply for and receive funding for up to three consecutive years. After three consecutive years of funding, organizations must take one year off before reapplying for further support.